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Coping and Wellbeing

Insight Timer: #1 app for sleep, anxiety, and stress (free)

A free website and app with lots of guided meditations

Meditation app designed for and by people of color

Families Supporting a Loved One


Resources for Families Coping with Mental and Substance Use Disorders, from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA).

Coping With Anticipatory Grief

Verywell Health

Don't Let The Pandemic Winter Get You Down: 9 Creative Ways To Socialize Safely

5 Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

The Missing Ingredient in Self Care - TedX talk by Portia jackson-preston

And here is Portia's website:

Self Care as a Tool for Liberation


A TEDx Talk by Malebo Sephodi

The burdens and pressures to have it all while neglecting self can lead to a total meltdown and lead to the self becoming less productive and ineffective. Self­care, when guilt is removed, is not a selfish pursuit but the very tool that can be used to liberate women which automatically feeds in to productivity and longevity for the social, political, economic and mental participation of women in South Africa.

Psychology Today blog post on radical self-care in the context of racial stress

Tara Brach: Resources for Self-Compassion And Compassion for Others

Resources on RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) - A tool for practicing mindfulness and compassion

Tips on Empathic Listening

Ideas for Staying Socially Connected

5 Star Family Enhancement Plan - Association of Black Psychologists

COVID-19 and Aging Related Resources

Vice article on self-care for Black people in the context of current racism-based violence

Therapy resources, podcasts, and blogs about Black mental health

Suffolk mental health resources for students of color


Racial Trauma Toolkit from ISPRC at Boston College


Blog posts about coping with anxiety and racism for Black Americans

Colorful Mental Health Coronavirus 1 Pan
White Self-care Bingo Advocacy Interacti
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